A sidenote to binding.

This is rather a short entry, something that happened to amuse me the other day.

Mother had mentioned not wearing binders again… but I knew I’d want to wear one of the easier to get on and off ones just to see the difference.

And… When I tried one on, it was STILL TIGHT. I have had this batch of binders for months now… and I thought they were knackered.


Thing is, I was just used to my chest being flattened. My breasts were long used to being pulled and compressed they were penduluming. That, and hormones had done their thing a little too.

The moment I tried it on I realised, my binders for now still do have a use. If I feel my chest is moving around too freely I can restrict it during recovery… or, I can of course let things be and get used to things.


The model I used is T-Kingdom’s 801 People shit on them being lightweight all of the time… but I love them, they’re easy to adjust to and good in summer. Easy to look after, and surprisingly, more than I had ever known before, they keep their elasticity.

The second model I use/d is T-Kingdom’s M1500, an older model of the design that didn’t have the logo on the chest (and the model before that with different tags)

It’s interesting to see that they also have a new model out I can’t find reference to the old edition but I will say now that I originally DID have one of this style, the new back design looks like it would be much more comfortable.

I also started out with this model, but the fit didn’t agree with me and the velcro was problematic.

Since I started buying the two types I know work for me they seem to have developed a few more Tshirt style binders. The best way to look at which design would work for you is to consider the information on This page (scroll up it also has information for first time wearers).

I went for the XL size in the end as I was a 38″back at one point, and due to the penduluming it was just better overall. When I first bought at least one set of my binders I had them in both Large and Extra Large and found the XL had more fabric coverage in general and was better for me.

NEVER wear one that is too small for any period of time. (The binder that was large did have give in it as the size difference wasn’t too major. The worst side effect of the sizing was the fat poking out because of the squeeze xD).





An essential to any FtM or CROSSPLAYER. Binders. You can home make them, there are rather successful if you know what you are doing.

I prefer to use T-Kingdom binders since I cannot complain about their cost vs quality. Their shipping is reasonable too, my binders usually arrive in two weeks, it’s just easy to get antsy.

I did write a review for a few of mine quite a while ago, but unfortunately I will have to start it all from scratch.

Now, one of the first things to mention is that if you are new to binders then they will feel odd and you will feel self concious. Every time you get a new one it will be the same.

I made this over a year ago when I was newer to the whole Trans scene. I had yet to keep my hair short or dress more masculine. I was testing a theory… and I prefer being bound back to bras. If you know a transman it might be good to ask them if they have any binders that they don’t use anymore. There are centres that sometimes accept donations and pass them on to less financially privileged transmen.
The unicorn is awesome and I still like them… its not up anymore since it got trashed on the door. It lasted over a year at least.
All views about the binders are current day and have changed since I made the video. Also my chest size in shirts is 38-40 Inch, I tend to go off my neck size also 15 1/2 – 16 Inch. Yes, SHIRTS.


I stopped wearing these ones early this year. The material on the bottom rode up enough to be annoying, and there was no grip on it after a while. The velcro started digging in under my arms and it became uncomfortable to wear. At work I constantly felt I had to adjust it.
These would be better for slimmer people. They are sturdy and not all that uncomfortable in short bursts. My video says a little more about them.


I also stopped wearing these… but they are far more secure than the 1480 and they are built more like a vest. Again the video says more about them.
Better again for slimmer people… I got a large and the vest part swamped me. It is good they make allowances for bigger stomachs, but it was a little too much. I ended up over wearing mine since the up sides were more than the down.


A LOT of people complain about these binders, calling them flimsy etc… but truth is I LOVE THEM. They are far easier to get on, the zip is at the front -takes some getting used to- and they look good under almost everything.
I find they remain still even when at work and require a lot less fiddling with. The material is breathable and it is easy to wash. Shove it in with your everyday clothes and problem solved.

I personally find that they bind well, at work they are subtle enough to still be able to move around without overheating. I also adore the quick release of the zip at the front. Oh god how good it feels to just pop it open xD.

After wearing velcro… I can honestly say I prefer the light material and decent binding that the 801 offers.


I just got this one today… It is AWKWARD TO GET ON. Take your time with it and don’t rush, that’s how people injur themselves!
I got the large* and I had to fight it on. I had to make sure the elastic was most definitely where it should be. You will be able to tell when it doesn’t fit right to be honest.

I got it because apparently it is comfortable, and if it lasts I will be able to wear it out and about in summer etc. I decided to trial run it now and It does look like a normal vest top. The arm holes are a little small for me, so next time I will get the extra large for that bit more comfort. Also… Its reversible! So it can be worn under different clothing when needed.

(I tend to wear a waist coat over white shirts for obvious reasons)

I can’t judge this one too much right now, but it is comfortable enough and when adjusted it does a damn good job. Even if you use it to preen, it is a very satisfying feeling.


WARNING:: Don’t wear binders for too long, your body WILL NOT take being squished down for too long.
DO NOT double up on binders, if one is a little too loose, DEAL WITH IT.
DO NOT wear binders that are too small. It becomes very painful after a while and will effect your ability to breath.
ALWAYS road test new binders for a few hours at a time. Never try wearing them for long periods of time. They need to stretch to fit your body and you need to get used to new pressure. You think you’re a medium since the current one is too loose… No, you’re still a large, you’ve just stretched the old one out.
Case and point
T-Kingdom have a good returns policy. Feel free to check it out before you buy!

I admit I do wear mine for long periods of time since I do go to work in them, but this is because I am USED to wearing them and my breasts have lost any perk they once have, they are far easier to squish down.
Admittedly on occasion I do wear hidden support tops, they give your body a break and if you layer up your clothing effectively noone’s the wiser. You can get them a size too small since they are usually built awkwardly. I wear tops that are 14’s and quite old indeed (trust me, I’m near an 18’s now… it fluxes xD)

I NEVER sleep in my binders. Yes I hate my boobs, but I like being able to sleep thank you. It gives you time to recover. The ones that zip down the front are wonderful for instant relief. You’re home and you can’t be bothered changing clothes? UNDO YOUR BINDER while you relax.

As I type my 1500 is digging in like a bitch. Even though it’s hard to get on and off I don’t care, I will take it off and wear something to give myself a break. I’ve been wearing binders and walking around in the cold all day.


** The Khaos forums are back up and running so I will copypaste the reply I left there**

“[This may end up being a little disjointed because half way through i decided to do a little modelling for the sake of this post and my explanations which might not help that well *sweatdrop*
and i apologise for the audio, if i need to Youtube sub on the video at the end of the post and just before the reviews i will do
I will add pictures with the binders i have as wear them ^^ so far the 1480
**Trial by workplace and general usage added**]
I do have to thank all participants in this thread for helping me find a binder that has so far from delivery worked.
I had tried a few methods like wearing sports bras a size smaller, bandages, home made methods a friend made (they work on her, and smaller sizes but not me xD), even hidden support tops to try and reduce my chest size look.
I am a 36D (at last measurement) and an English size 14-16 in pants. the main issue is finding the time to get a bind to work and finding a sure fire method that isn’t all too obvious to my mother (long story behind that one). I checked out this thread a while ago after several methods were failing miserably and it gave me a boost of inspiration and reassurance that i wasnt alone with the issue.
Another problem by all means is budget which with Tabs wise logic is however much used to be spent on Bras can be put in a pot for binders.
That gave me the courage to go to the T-kingdom site and order a few binders, i dont have pictures now since im only wearing one of them and i do need to get better at arranging it and putting it on xD
I will admit i chickened away from the Underworks ones. I had looked at the site before but the price had put me off. Peoples bad experiences with them have made me think about it. I weighed both up and decided T Kingdom.
But what a relief when i finally put it on ( i will specify which ones soon bear with me xD) my chest was actually supported for a change and squished in, it does look a *little* like pecs ( i suppose xD)  but i do need to loose my stomach a little to make it look more convincing xD
**Update** Im wearing one of my friends fave hoodies (i own he loves) and i was giddy a bit because by the cringe the 1700 does work, Good thing i do have baggy in my wardrobe more than clingy.
Oh, before someone brings up the ‘if you have a low budget try the DIY Foot made’… I would.. if i could sew xD I could scrape together the material (or money for some and go down to a fabric shop by all means). But im not so good with sewing anything securely and no sewing machine, and measurements… Golly gosh the last time i made anything in home ec.. it went horribly wrong xD. Oh, and i would struggle with the step in and pull up method with it methinks *pokes at hips and tummy*
Oh and as a last resort, Hidden support tops like the old ones from Matalan etc do work a bit… Swimming costumes with the legs built in work better xD Seriously though im used to overheating because i wear too many layers nowadays i wouldnt resort to it. I do have a swimmer where its like an all in one without being one of the semidry suits or shortie wetsuits. It is a liiitle boost from costumes since i refuse to go without shorts xD I wear them over the costumes with dark Tshirts when im allowed. Which is like… nowhere anymore. Sea =  yes. Public pools in my area =  bannage of two many layers.
*drags back from the tangent*
Seriously, swimming costumes that have the supports built in arent all that cheap, but i suppose if you are looking for a bit of a body smoothing effect then they do work a little in doing that. But only in winters i implore you.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azh-pU7H2FU <<Tis a vid of me with the new T-kingdom binders
The second is the 1700 @ http://www.t-kingdom.com/shopping/english/page1700_english.shtml (according to the site it is a best seller)
Third on the video is an old support top, one of which has seen better days xD
Also briefly featured is the Binder my friend let me try out… and the mention of bandages… Owies
[A]Brand, Model, Name, Where you got it from: T-Kingdom- 1480 – ‘breast binder’ – Internets
(B)Price: €37.04 Euro (pre-shipping)
[C]Your chest size: (last measurement) 36D
[D]Comments: It isnt overly comfortable and i am aware that i am wearing it, but that is precisely the point. If the velcro isnt placed right on the side you can feel it for sure, the bottom rolls up on mine because of the tummy but overall i do think it does do the best job i have encountered. I can feel it both supporting and squishing at the same time which believe me has really boosted my confidence (Since ordering the binders i have been looking forward to them arriving xD). There is the liiiitle issue of backswell on one side, because i think i ordered an L rather than XL but at the end of the day elasticity does go in anything… so…
[E] *** 8/10 it works well and feel secure, but there are a few issues with velcro and positioning, any tighter or firmer and i believe i wont be able to breath or the bulge from my back will make it too obvious, so i think it works just fine for now***
**I wore it for a day out around Manchester, My friend barely noticed but he hasnt seen me in a while and his eyes were more on the guys xD. I however did feel the difference for myself and i do rate the binder, it just fit under my shirt, and thats the lowest i recon ill be wearing one xD**
Not the best pictures but i hope they help.
[A]Brand, Model, Name, Where you got it from: T-Kingdom- 1700 – ‘breast binder’ – Internets
(B)Price: €42.20 Euro (pre-shipping)
[C]Your chest size: (last measurement) 36D
[D]Comments: It is comfortable to a point, it does make me quite shorter of breath than the 1480 does. This isnt due to me getting changed from one to the other because i took time enough to compose myself between recordings. i do think it looks a little better but as well it is a confidence issue. Um… the rest is rambled on the video xD
[E] *** 7/10 due to slipping and paranoia about it not working well enough with strenuous activities. ***
****revised: 5/10 after quite a bit of usage the large is too big O.o it does work but even casual usage makes me have to constantly find a bath/changing room to alter the top. And lets face it im not reeeaally tall so i dont need the extra material of the vesty part to reach below my butt.****
[A]Brand, Model, Name, Where you got it from: Brandless, model less, ‘the cosplay binder’, made by a friend
(B)Price: Free (twas a prototype before she begins to sell them for cosplayers on E-bay if she gets good enough results from her own)
[C]Your chest size: (last measurement) 36D
[D]Comments: it rolls down xD ive had my friend wrapping it, another friend wrapping it, and ive tried it myself. The length im not sure, but each strip is when flattened out around six inches thick, it is tricky to manage but on smaller sizes or less resilient chests it would be good to maybe try out. I cant say much more about how its made since i didnt make it (and shes thinking about wholesale xD) But im all for people making their own that suit themselves (and sharing the information on here as soon as they get a good idea)
[E] For me 3/10
     For Other people 8/10
I do want to try the 801 model one day but that will have to wait a while while i get used to this one. Im probably a sucker for the model, but a zip at the front might be a little impractical for me and my excuse of a wardrobe (mostly i have oversizes shirts with Dragons on. The video day was one where i went out with a friend that is having a hard time adjusting to the FtM ‘issue’
It might be a little more comfortable than having the velcro on the sides but i am a bit dubious about the zip, smaller sizes might be best suited to this one.
heres the video url again >>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azh-pU7H2FU
***After wearing both binders at work i can honestly say that the 1480 does work better for me, it doesnt shift about as much as the 1700 and does feel much more secure after eight hours of stretching and bending. When im casually milling about the 1700 is a good binder but i do prefer the 1480 when i have to be active and out and about. (also it is a cheaper model! xD)***
****AAAAARGH, ok, if you get a large in the 1480… seriously, get a medium in the 1700, it slips a hell of a lot and the bind by far isnt as good, I admit my breasts have sagged a little since i went with the support top option too long, but it is no excuse for the creasing the 1700 does between your breastline and stomach if you are my shape. I am severly annoyed and i need to save up to get another 1480 in white since i want one white one black, the next time im getting a 1700 i am seriously getting the medium in the hope it will be smaller O.o****”

Due to the forum being restricted to non members it’s harder to see the posts, but a handmade, homemade awesome binder is here

ALSO: Don’t listen to my advice about mediums, just get a new one of the size that fits.