A sidenote to binding.

This is rather a short entry, something that happened to amuse me the other day.

Mother had mentioned not wearing binders again… but I knew I’d want to wear one of the easier to get on and off ones just to see the difference.

And… When I tried one on, it was STILL TIGHT. I have had this batch of binders for months now… and I thought they were knackered.


Thing is, I was just used to my chest being flattened. My breasts were long used to being pulled and compressed they were penduluming. That, and hormones had done their thing a little too.

The moment I tried it on I realised, my binders for now still do have a use. If I feel my chest is moving around too freely I can restrict it during recovery… or, I can of course let things be and get used to things.


The model I used is T-Kingdom’s 801 People shit on them being lightweight all of the time… but I love them, they’re easy to adjust to and good in summer. Easy to look after, and surprisingly, more than I had ever known before, they keep their elasticity.

The second model I use/d is T-Kingdom’s M1500, an older model of the design that didn’t have the logo on the chest (and the model before that with different tags)

It’s interesting to see that they also have a new model out I can’t find reference to the old edition but I will say now that I originally DID have one of this style, the new back design looks like it would be much more comfortable.

I also started out with this model, but the fit didn’t agree with me and the velcro was problematic.

Since I started buying the two types I know work for me they seem to have developed a few more Tshirt style binders. The best way to look at which design would work for you is to consider the information on This page (scroll up it also has information for first time wearers).

I went for the XL size in the end as I was a 38″back at one point, and due to the penduluming it was just better overall. When I first bought at least one set of my binders I had them in both Large and Extra Large and found the XL had more fabric coverage in general and was better for me.

NEVER wear one that is too small for any period of time. (The binder that was large did have give in it as the size difference wasn’t too major. The worst side effect of the sizing was the fat poking out because of the squeeze xD).



13. Only to Fall

“Well… Shit…” Keyah blinked owlishly a moment before he went and poured himself a half pint of vodka, he made a gesture to his partner that read ‘just wait a minute’ before he downed half of it. “Alright, so. You’ve been talking to my granpa, and he sent you to someone else…” Keyah rolled his hand a little “And, now, down the line, you’re on hormones, and it’s taken all this time for you to be able to tell me?” Keyah was oddly calm, but there was no accusation in his voice.


“… Well it’s not exactly easy to tell the man I’ve been fucking that I’m a woman…” Dean felt like strangling Keyah… more of a fight was expected.

“…It’s not easy to hear either.” Keyah sighed and moved to look out of the window.

via 13. Only to Fall.

Well, whoops!

Now I know why I couldn’t write the next chapter of the Blue Arrow! Dean didn’t want to remain Dean much longer!

I am taking a LOT of liberties with Dean’s treatment and transition to Stephanie… But, I really don’t think that I should have to trawl through more than the ten pages of information on boob growth alone before writing this chapter up.

Dee’s family have big mammaries as far as the women go, Dean’s an averagely heighted slightly shorter man, so any breast growth of his wouldn’t be too hampered by height. There’s also going to be lots of padding going on in most outfits and… yes, Deanna is always going to be given away by those hands. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but a LOT of the transition will happen in the background.

This story is Keyah’s.

He still has sex with his partner while they can both stand it, but he doesn’t have unrealistic expectations. He’s not Deanna’s boyfriend anymore, they’re friends and fuckbuddies that happen to love one another a hell of a lot.

By coming out Deanna has forever changed the dynamic of the relationship. There’s no looking past that.

By communicating with one another they manage to muddle through like they always have done.

I’m a sap for character driven stories, and this is just another chapter in Keyah’s. His support network is growing and he isn’t perfect, but with the right amount of alcohol he’ll be ballsy enough to try anything.

A wee post…

Aye tis a wee one, rather a product place one… But did my fellow first time shavers need an electric helper? Are you scared of them? Are you more afraid of the price tag?

At the moment George @ Asda has an electric shaver for £10. I shit you not. Rechargeble battery with a built in trimmer (did my sideburns even enough).

Its painless to use, I even poked it when turned on and found out its not a skin shredder. – Though there IS some mild irritation after. No shave foam as its a dry shaver… But that was momentary, and nothing compared to the irritation of disposables- even with foam.

Its pocket sized, and the plug is a standard 3 prong. None of this fanxy shaving socket required (which was a nice surprise)

As a first shaver, youre not loosing much. Even if i kill it, im a lot less afraid of splashing out. I will still keep the foam and disposables mind!

Note, this baby even got the light whispy hair thats a BITCH to get with a disposable (read- most of mine) .

So yes, nice chance find indeed. Pretty sure they’ll be online at asda direct, or on George.com or something. You can often order into store if your Asda is only a wee one without a George section.

Sorry, but its like… MUST SHARE DISCOVERY xD

Fuck Yes

Ta- Dah!

Aunt’s round. We were talking about various shit, she’s deffo going to start sending me Nephew cards (as opposed to -someone special- ) and… She’s said, without word of a doubt my voice is deeper. It’s still breaking, it’s raspy and croaky at times. It annoys the shit out of me, but at least it’s not as painful sounding as it was… (it wasn’t). So yeah… 6 months … well six shots in xD and yay my voice is dropping for sure.

She’s also surprisingly on my side about a lot of shit, and not being as critical as I thought she would be. It’s like oh shit, you’re NOT criticising the hell out of me like you used to when I was a kid. You’re actually agreeing with me and saying my mother is a near expert at manipulation… and she’s definitely agreeing that mum twists things or basically remembers them incorrectly in her favour. All that kinda shit.

So yes, tl;dr  – Physical change on Testosterone – 6 months, deeper voice.

Month 2 Day 10 – Don’t read to the kiddies now.

Well, I’ve not had to shave since the other day which is good because the nik I gave myself is almost healed so I might for now be able to get away with once a week at most. My hair’s still thin and not growing too much so its like… bloody hell how long was it there before I noticed! xD

Oh well there’s a… rather different change which is turning out to be true about testosterone which… as embarrassed as I am writing about it,  I realised after trying to find the source of information I do use I can’t actually find to quote.

So… yes… Rather personal but eyup – I have noticed recently some (slight but significant enough to notice) clitoral growth. It’s also less sensitive, as per the norm as often the skin can become that bit thicker and sensation can be lost in general. I can’t remember where exactly I have read this as a relative norm but a quick internet trawl and it will become more evident that it is a symptom.

It’s taken me a few days to notice and realise because frankly I dislike much of my body as it is and well… I have noticed an increase in well… If I had a sexual partner I’d actually be pestering them – a LOT. So, imagine my frustration when the urge becomes so bloody annoying I can’t sleep and – Oh snap! Ze bullet isn’t doing the trick… And… some poking and prodding later, and I confess a mirror, I infuriatingly noticed.

I’m not saying these changes are overnight, just that I hadn’t noticed till recently. One change far more irritating than the other.

Also – One site that I happened to find on my search for information – The Transitional Male – 11 Myths about Testosterone.

As I finish this post and prepare to press publish know I will be cringing at the thought of confessing so much to the internet.

Month 2 Day 4

Holy shit! I just noticed – I might well be getting face fuzz.

I’m blonde so the majority of my body hair is barely visible, I just know it’s there. At work I noticed that there’s more hair on my face, it’s short and light and thin… but there’s definitely more of it than before – or its just hella thicker than it used to be.

I’mma gonna have one hell of an odd moustache if it continues to grow the way it is growing.

I find it odd that so soon it could be starting to happen, I hadn’t expected it till at least the third month.

Yay shaving – oh fuck… shaving aarrgh. I gave up with that bullshit ages ago. Oh well xD It’s not dark enough to be an issue, roll on Movember I say xD

Month 2 Day 3

Well, the ouchie was less this time, hurt when I was walking away but by far not as bad.

The nurse did have wonderful advice, wiggle my toes.

She used the left buttcheek this time and… while I was getting spots due to the period they seemed to have worn off, which is awesome, I might end up with acne for a while, but it’s something I never had. Though due to periods I do get monthly increases before they leave.

My joints tend to swell, I get a bad stomach, I get extremely irritable… All of that shit I won’t be missing should I not have it.

I didn’t really post anything as I didn’t notice any changes, nor did I expect them in a couple of days of the second shot itself.

I’ll be updating the countdown shortly.