Films so good they’re bad?

If you’re someone that loves to talk about your favorite films… praising them for elements you like, while at the same time absolutely fucking slaughtering it?

This actually could be a reason why.

The reason why there are boom mics allowed in final edits, everything that reminds us a movie is indeed a movie. A piece of entertainment.

Here’s a video.

A friend of mine also said it’s likely the reason behind CinemaSins.

If I like a film I can talk about it for hours, the good, the bad, the idiotic.
If I don’t like a film, I’ll write it off. I’ll talk about it, then simply forget it.
Films that grab my passion, they’re the keepers.

It’s like with Pacific Rim… For example I get annoyed with the blink and you miss the exposition that explains EVERYTHING that people bitch about – the relevance of the drift etc… BECAUSE people miss it and are too stupid to figure out the reasons behind it work in universe.

However, quite simply there’s too much Artistic License with physics. — The weight of a Jager compared to the machines that carry them from A to B. You’d need a motherfucking SWARM of them, not just the awesome looking two or so.

Or hell, the freighter being used as a sword, that damn thing would snap! But, who gives a shit as it’s an awesome moment, right?

Screen junkies say it all

While CinemaSins do their thing to it –

And Hishe-

I mean, Hishe, well, that solution wouldn’t actually work. I mean, hivemind n all that. But it’s still fun to see someone go HEY why didn’t that get done xD

I can’t honestly think of any films off the top of my head that I thought were done to a point of perfection. I can just think of the films I love and the many flaws they tend to have.

But it does kinda explain the issues with the Oscars vs the Everyman. Why people hate the mainstream favorites. The discrepancies between critic and audience scores.

Well done Nostalgia Critic crew, you’ve actually managed to explain more elloquently why people like myself get passionate and dump on movies they have just seen – Because we like them.

I mean come on, in one of the Resident Evil films it’s like… HOW IN THE HELL DID SHE SURVIVE THAT! Because, you know, you just created a motherfucking plot hole the size of the sun between films damnit! (I’ll not elaborate, I still think they’re good films, anyone that watches will likely get the exact point I mean [damn Wesker])


Give Classical Music a chance.

No really, you’d be surprised how often it’s used in modern mainstream media.

Video games such as The Last of Us utilized an orchestral score, No Escape is one of the more broadcast themes – it has been featured on Classic Fm and the music (as well as other elements) received an excellence award. I’ve placed an example below for everyone, I’ve never played the game but I was introduced to the soundtrack by the radio.

I feel it’s worth mentioning that the Last of Us isn’t the first time a video game has had it’s music created on an Orchestral scale. Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness was such a trainwreck, but one of the elements that stood out to me at the time was that it was scored. One of the only games I knew at the time with such a detail, bear in mind this was back in 2003. Here’s the making of video.

Below is one of my favorite scores, from the soundtrack of the game, named merely as the main theme. I find it haunting to listen to, and, at the same time it’s not. Anyway, proceed!

Going back even FURTHER in time and I feel I have to mention one of the reasons for this post –  Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002 DIDN’T have an orchestral sound track. HOWEVER, it did feature one of the most awesome moments in a game I had ever experienced. A Night on Bald Mountain.

Originally part of the Fantasia sequences it opens up dramatically. Now, before anyone complains, the idiots that worked on the game managed to delete the soundtrack ahead of the HD remake that was being done at the time, yup, they goofed. But it was for the better, as they roped in Yoko Shimomura. She completely rescored 1.5 with an orchestra and built on an already wonderful soundtrack.

Flash forward to the 3D release Dream Drop Distance. 10 years in the future.

The music for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was a collaboration by Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto, and Tsuyoshi Sekito, containing musical compositions from all three. Among the songs included are tracks from The World Ends with You, originally composed by Ishimoto, who remixed them for Dream Drop Distance. [*]

Now, the significance here is quite frankly the world of Symphony of Sorcery. It is based off of Fantasia. Yoko Shimomura was behind the game’s usage of the music and quite frankly probably was the one to alter it for the game’s usage – being able to loop it n all that jazz.

I would also like people to note that a Night On Bald Mountain is also there too.

One of the most awesome parts of the first Kingdom Hearts games replicated very well in the 3DS version. What made me appreciate it better was that the quality of music was far greater. Sure, it’s on a handheld device, but C’mon, the 3DS is probably more powerful than a PS2 was back in the day (don’t quote me on that).

So far, that’s Three video game references. Yup, and I could go on and on about more of them. More recently, more TripleA games have been aiming for a sense of atmosphere and quality, and they have been able to get their games scored well. It’s wonderful to hear them on the radio being as well recieved and respected alongside what we do call classics.

A lot of, no scratch that, practically Any film that John Williams touches has at least one award winning score. You’re a fan of the Star Wars themes? Great, you’re a fan of classical music, as, Williams scored with an Orchestra. Yup, that’s all there is to it in my book. The Superman Theme is one of the most Iconic themes ever (Ranked a low 296)

John Williams’ highest entry in the Classic FM hall of fame. Is currently at 108 and it is his score from Schindler’s list

The highest of John Williams’s 5 entries in the Ultimate Hall of Fame, this first entered the chart in 2000 and peaked at number 48 in the most recent countdown. This is the third highest film score in the Ultimate Hall of Fame.

One of John Williams’ most moving scores, Schindler’s List showcases the master film composer’s staggering ability to turn a tune that captures the essence of its movie. It is yet another great example of Williams’s ability to set a film in the most perfectly sympathetic landscape, producing, yet again, music that stands up on its own when the film is taken away.

I do heartily recommend a read through the entire list from 300-1. Have fun seeing how Williams’ scores match up against each other.

Each single entry explains it’s most recent and common usage. Now, before everyone’s panties get in a bunch… There’s a separate list specifically for movie music. The final 15 will be revealed on November 7th so there’s time to get involved and try and guess which film has the number one spot. There’s already at least two entries by Hanz Zimmer and company (People seem to readily forget that Hanz Zimmer and Klaus Badelt worked on both Gladiator and Pirates of the Carribean – which explains why a certain score of Gladiator is practically Jack Sparrow’s theme.)

No seriously, here’s the two.

My Favorite Classical Tracks (Subject to change mind you!)

Adagio for Strings – Samuel Barber

Danse Macabre – Camille Saint-Saëns

Toccata and Fugue in D minor – Bach

Curse of the Black Pearl/ Pirates of the Caribbean Theme –  Klaus Badelt

Gladiator Suite – Hans Zimmer {Which leads into one of my favorite tracks from the same film. Now We Are Free.}

Whisper of Angels – Amici forever

Time to say goodbye/Con te partirò/Por Ti Volaré – Andrea Bocelli

I will leave you my friends with one of my favorite pieces of music, that… I’m honestly not sure if it IS classical.

Yup, another one from Gladiator. NOTE – The lyrics by Lisa Gerrard are … well, frankly NOT lyrics. There is no English, Italian, or Latin or any translation from any of those languages to another. Anywhere claiming to produce it are morons. It’s on the DVD commentary somewhere that Lisa just made it up on the fly to the music as a placeholder or something and Hans loved it. Soon she became the lyricist and the only person that can translate the syllables will likely never do so or be able to. Here’s a site that’s gone into more comprehensive research on the ‘issue’. Rather… a huge bitching shitstorm of a comment thread that more or less comes to a head with the response I found. Scroll down a few more times to see people pretty much corroborating what I already mentioned xD

Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha Rant. (Swearing Included)

Ok, according to a friend of mine (and fellow Pacific Rim fan…) many of the ‘official sources’ for Pacific Rim can’t seem to agree which of Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky are the husband and wife… I mean… REALLY!?

Wikipedia implies that Sasha is played by the male actor and Aleksis by the female, when IMDB freaking lists the credits and backs this up. For some STUPID reason the Wikia has it reversed. No seriously.

I know wikia’s are open source, just like wikipedia… but… COME ON PEOPLE…

One, they are most definitely husband and wife- She freaking flirts with him when they’re in the mess hall. It’s a background event but it’s clear. And I think it is also mentioned in passing as it’s usually siblings that are drift compatible.


Sasha is a RUSSIAN MALE NAME. Sasha is a diminutive for Alexander – Sandy- Sa-SHA. Like how Michael/Mikhael becomes Mi-sha. Oh and it is NOT meant to be spelled Sacha at ANY time (that’s the French spelling).

Aleksis is a RUSSIAN FEMALE NAME. Which essentially means THE SAME.

They either awesomely changed their names to both mean ‘Man’s Defender’, or their parents had awesome foresight as they are BOTH man’s defenders against the Kaiju (Don’t get me started about the inaccurate to hell Japanese).

Three. It’s in the FUCKING CREDITS.

Cherno Alpha is one of the more awesome of the Jaegers, Mark I and still capable of defending the border after SIX years of combat. I will have the prequel comic soon and that will give more back story to the pilots and surviving Jaegers and it should be awesome. It’s old and outdated yet it still packs a punch. It’s just a shame that the idiot scientist drifts with that hive mind and helps the Kaiju curb stomp Crimson Typhoon and take down Cherno Alpha and it’s pilots. I mean, not only does the Jaeger get totalled… they get drowned and exploded for good measure.

I just… the stupidity of some people astounds me.

And after a wee bit of research the developers of the film are totally awesome. I mean come on, both the Russian’s names meaning man’s defender, and most people know the ‘In Soviet Russia…’ meme from a while back. To top it all off as well, radiation shielding.

The American (I’m presuming Pentecost is American) Jaegers were whipped up in 14 months and didn’t bother thinking ‘Oh shit these people are standing on nuclear reactors, we’d better make sure they don’t get irradiated’. The Russians… They DID. Cherno Alpha, Chernobyl One.