Alternatives to nail biting.

If you’re like me you bite your nails for… reasons, half of them you don’t know yourself.

Well, chances are it’s something you’re stuck with and it bothers you sometimes… but, not enough to stop.

I started picking them as a child and evolved into biting later.

My nails have always been strong, despite the abuse…

Chemicals while cleaning at work significantly weakened them. I got used to having no nails (at what some would consider to be dangerous levels), and the hangnails became a way of life…

I invested in some decent hand and nail cream while I was out of work for a month and they have done a world of good to my nails and my hands.

I also bought some CHEAP clear nail varnish. I wear it to help my nails keep stronger and prevent damage to the top layer etc… I soon discovered that the cheap stuff doesn’t just chip… it PEELS OFF. Yup, oddly, that’s the thing I do when I’m about to bite my nails now.


The stuff that you’re supposed to dip your fingers in didn’t work, bribery didn’t work… all the tricks of the trade have never worked.

If anyone gives you stick about looking after your nails. Fuckem. I started pushing my cuticles back recently too, as they were taking up HALF of my nails. Some hand cream later I’ve been able to keep them back (I’m not one for soaking my hands in anything but they are kept clean).

The reason I went for clear varnish is that it can be worn at all times, barring occupations that involve food. If your dress code is against coloured varnishes because of presentation… use clear. If anyone has acrylic nails (even if they look natural) and someone says something to you, point out the discrepancy.

I’m not a fan of coloured nails on myself, I don’t have the patience to do them evenly… maybe I’ll go with a nice rich colour set one day and use them on my days off from work for kicks… but, hell, I would have to take it off for work because I deal with food and for health reasons it would have to be removed regardless.


Due to a combination of factors I’ve not really bitten my nails in the better part of two months. This time, I’ll see how long it lasts. The record is two weeks for me and I’ve already beaten it.

I’ve taken the odd corner off or bitten off a broken section before it’s split further, but, so far I’ve not sat and taken half the white parts off all within a couple of minutes… so, if nothing else works… cheap clear nail varnish.

Also! Nobody’s going to notice if half your nails are painted if it’s clear, if you’re picking/peeling it off and there’s colour, well… it’s going to look a mess. If you’re alright with that, fine! xD

I know the picking isn’t the healthiest thing, but hell, with it being cheap it isn’t going to cling to your nails the way the top brand will. Nailvarnish for children is in the same vain, it’s not designed for longevity.



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