Character Soundalikes

I did already construct this post in more detail… but one windows automatic update later and my computer decided to eat it before I could save it.

First and foremost -This list is for fun!

No, really, if you read what I write and don’t think I hear the right voices for my characters… That’s fine! Feel free to comment who you think would be a better fit, and, most importantly keep imagining them the way you feel comfortable with.

There’s nothing worse than having a favorite book adapted and the casting choices be nothing near what you had imagined, or, there’s nothing worse than having one of your favorite books released as an audio book… and a voice you wouldn’t expect to be reading such a subject matter putting voices on for some of the characters (Instead of just keeping one’s normal voice throughout). Sure, the ideas may well grow on you, but, when it comes down to it, you will see your own imagined interpretations before those that others have set out before you.

NOTE –  Appearances don’t necessarily reflect the voices. Kurt Nilsen is quite softly spoken, and then POW a deep country voice that is wonderful for rock ballads – and the range to do much more.

North Star set Complete! // Byzantine, Blue Arrow set Incomplete!

North Star

Stallion – Jackie Chan/Michelle Yeoh

Evangel – Vitas/ Hayley Westenra

Raven – Oded Fehr/Cote de Pablo

Nohen – Kurt Nilsen/Angelina Jolie

Mouse – Alejandro Fuentes/Tara Strong

Soren – Chris Potter


Trey – A near raspy mix of Gerard Butler and Liam Neeson (He sounds like Butler’s speaking phantom most of the time but when he talks to family he sounds more like Neeson) [He’s a smoker and a stout drinker so factor that in no matter what voice you give him]

Chatan –

Riley/Kusinut –

Kiyiya –


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