Well… maybe The Big T will be soon

Two ultrasounds, three-… FIVE blood tests, three appointments later, and I might be somewhere closer to being put on Testosterone.

Sucks but at least it is for medical reasons.

At least I’ve managed to keep my head above water and start writing again. I’m adding Blue Arrow installments at a fairly decent rate. I admit I owe the blog a LOT of posts so I’ll keep on updating as I come by chapters or characters I wish to share. I will likely update it with notes on the Blue Arrow here and there as I’m interested on turning it into a webcomic. Only I need an artist willing to work for free. If anyone is interested please get in touch, if you have a project wonderful account etc then you can by all means put up a banner etc. I don’t have many places to put up ads but I do know a couple of people that will be able to help get the word out ^^


Things are still the same old same old in some ways.

Grayson unfortunately had to be put down, the second hamster to get cancer and meet illness toward the end.

I know I don’t put things in this blog often. My hopes and feelings etc but… with everything being in a state of limbo I can’t think of many things to put up about myself.

I’m on the housing registers but to be rehomed quicker I’d have to look at a two bedroom place. I’m a single person, why take up a two bed place and spend more money than I need to… And have to fork out for the bedroom tax atop of all that.

I guess I’m better at answering questions, so if you have them, send them in.


3 thoughts on “Well… maybe The Big T will be soon

    • I wouldn’t normally click on links in comments like this but I am glad I did. Your blog is an unusual one, but one where a reader can learn so much about you, and themselves at the same time. Thanks for commenting, you have earned yourself a follower!

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